Hear From Our Employees

We put a lot of value in collaboration at Pocket Nurse®. In fact, we rely on it. No matter what role you play in our organization, your contributions drive our momentum and have a real impact on people’s lives. Hear from our employees, and learn about the exciting things you can accomplish as part of the Pocket Nurse team.​

Being part of a company where I feel valued, nurtured, and connected is incredible! Starting out as an intern to becoming a full-time employee, Pocket Nurse has far exceeded my expectations. From affording me the opportunity to further my education to providing flexibility, inspiring employee autonomy, and cultivating strong working relationships, Pocket Nurse has allowed me to mature both professionally and personally. Not only is Pocket Nurse committed to delivering the best to their customers, but to their employees as well.

Bailey Salvati, Regional Territory Manager

It will be five years in May since I joined Pocket Nurse. As a part-time Receptionist, I only worked four hours a day but in 2020, I was given the opportunity to work full time doing assembly work in the Distribution Center (DC). I have really enjoyed getting to know everyone in the DC on a more personal level along with getting to know more about the products we offer. I love that you can bring your dog to work!

Diane Vular, Receptionist and Assembler

My favorite part for working with Pocket Nurse would be being able to supply simulation products to the future healthcare workers of America knowing that the products that we carry and distribute are going to make a difference in helping to save people’s lives.

Aaron Vicari, VP of Sales Operations

I love the culture at Pocket Nurse. Many companies talk about how they care about employees, but Pocket Nurse truly shows that they care by ensuring that we all have an incredible facility to work in, affordable healthcare options, work-home balance – just to name a few!

Pam Park, Senior Manager of Business Systems

I have been with Pocket Nurse for almost 15 years. It is the cleanest and friendliest work environment I have ever worked in. Pocket Nurse truly values its employees and shows how much they care by doing multiple events throughout the year including cook outs, breakfast events, and different holiday parties. There is a complementary Fitness Center onsite for all employees to use which is a huge perk.

Tyrone Goosby DC Specialist II

I have been with Pocket Nurse for over a decade and am Pocket Nurse Proud! I love our company story of Owner/Founder, Anthony Battaglia and its beginnings with just one product, ‘The Pocket Nurse’ to our current, successful state of offering over 5,000 products to healthcare educators and simulation specialists all over the world. I am most proud of Pocket Nurse for our strong reputation in the simulation community which is one of high quality, excellent customer service and sales support plus we are well known for being the company to ‘go to’ for anything needed for healthcare education in the simulation lab or classroom. I am proud to be one of the Nurses on the Nursing Team. The Team works very well together and collaborates daily to support internal business and employee needs plus external product questions from our valued customers. I am empowered to be myself and use my skillsets in my own unique ways. Pocket Nurse values the employees and offers flexibility in using your own best judgement. I find it motivating to be so valued by leadership, my team and also by internal and external customers for my expertise and skillset. Our company understands the importance of work-life wellness. With flexible hours and the opportunity to work remotely, I feel trusted and valued as an employee and also as an individual.

Beth Telesz Corporate Nurse Educator

The Customer Service team is a great team of people who help each other with the challenges of the day. Our supervisor is very motivational. Every day passes quickly and there is always something new to learn. I really enjoy the hybrid environment, but I feel the best part of working at PN is being able to help our customers for the last nine years. We truly have the best customer base!

Brenda Gaona Sr Customer Service Representative