Our Culture

At Pocket Nurse®, we’re proud to celebrate our first quarter century in business. Along the way, we have worked hard to welcome changes and overcome challenges so we can best serve our customers.  We are committed to ensuring our customers get our very best and to giving our employees every opportunity to develop as our company continues to grow.

We believe fostering an environment that benefits our customers and our company while also driving personal and professional growth will be key to our success, now and in the future. You’ll see our efforts through:


Quality will always remain our number one goal. Our customers depend on us to deliver our very best. We attribute our growth and success to the fact that we trust and empower our employees to think for themselves, to drive continual improvement, and to bring to life our motto of “Use Your Best Judgment Every Day”. Being at Pocket Nurse means you’ll work with people who exemplify the entrepreneurial spirit, act with integrity and are accountable for delivering what they promise.


Today’s healthcare environment is dynamic and rapidly changing. Continuous innovation and realistic, dynamic environments are central to healthcare education and simulation. Our solutions offer students the hands-on experience necessary to refine clinical skills. This innovation is why you’ll find Pocket Nurse such a fast-paced work environment—one that will keep you challenged and growing from day one. A career at Pocket Nurse is a career in shaping the future of healthcare.


We may be independent thinkers, but we’re a team at Pocket Nurse, committed to treating everyone in every role with the highest respect. We’ll expect you to bring—and voice—your own point of view. You’ll work shoulder-to-shoulder with a team of professionals from different backgrounds and disciplines who offer totally different perspectives. We know that embracing these differences makes us stronger, more innovative and more in tune with the needs of our growing customer base.

Hear from our employees and see what makes Pocket Nurse such a dynamic and rewarding place to work.